Build Coffee Table Arcade Cabinets

By | October 20, 2022

Build Your Own Coffee Table Arcade Cabinet: A Comprehensive Guide

Transform your living room into a retro gaming paradise by crafting your own coffee table arcade cabinet. This DIY project is a perfect blend of nostalgia, practicality, and woodworking satisfaction. Here's your comprehensive guide to building an extraordinary coffee table arcade cabinet:

1. Design and Planning

Begin by sketching your design, considering the cabinet's size, shape, and the games you intend to play. Determine the dimensions of the screen, control panel, and other components. Plan the layout of buttons, joysticks, and speakers for maximum comfort and gameplay.

2. Materials Gathering

Assemble the necessary materials, including plywood for the cabinet, MDF or acrylic for the control panel, and a monitor or TV for the display. Gather electronic components such as an arcade encoder, joysticks, buttons, speakers, and a Raspberry Pi or PC for running the games.

3. Building the Cabinet

Cut and assemble the plywood pieces to form the cabinet's frame and base. Secure them using wood screws or glue. Add reinforcing braces for stability. Install the monitor or TV inside the cabinet and secure it using brackets or mounting plates.

4. Creating the Control Panel

Design and cut the control panel from MDF or acrylic. Arrange the buttons, joysticks, and trackball according to your layout. Connect them to the arcade encoder and wire them accordingly. Mount the control panel on the cabinet using screws or adhesive.

5. Electronics Installation

Install the Raspberry Pi or PC inside the cabinet. Connect the arcade encoder, speakers, and other electronic components to the computer. Configure the software to run your desired games and set up the controls.

6. Finishing Touches

Apply a paint or stain of your choice to the cabinet and control panel. Add decorative elements such as vinyl graphics, metal accents, or a marquee. Install the glass or acrylic cover over the screen for protection.

7. Refinements and Customization

Consider adding features like a built-in cup holder, backlit buttons, or a storage compartment for game controllers. Explore custom themes and modifications to personalize your arcade cabinet to match your style.


Building a coffee table arcade cabinet is a rewarding endeavor that brings together gaming and woodworking enthusiasts. By following these steps, you'll create a unique and functional piece that will entertain you and your guests for years to come. Remember, the process is flexible, so feel free to incorporate your own creativity and customize it to your liking.

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